Artful Filmmaking

I’m a director, editor and mixed-media animator living in Vancouver, BC. Art and creativity are my life passions, which I explore through filmmaking.

Some of my films invite the viewer into an artist’s inner world, some promote arts organizations or cultural movements, and some are pure explorations of creative filmmaking techniques to convey meaning, emotion and sensation. Other passions you will see reflected in my work include feminism, urban culture, design, wellness, dance and food.

Having great collaborative relationships is of central importance to me, and I am delighted and deeply grateful to get to work with the talented individuals you see credited on these project pages.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked for broadcasters, not-for-profits, educational institutions, animation and visual FX studios, interactive companies, dance companies and local arts organizations.

I am a promo producer/editor for Knowledge Network and BBC Kids, in addition to a constantly changing slate of freelance work as a director, editor and animator.

You can view my CV here.

Photo by Chad Galloway