2004, Experimental Short

This short was shot on the first Siemens video cell phone in 2004.
It was was created for the International Micromovie contest at the 2004 Interfilm Berlin Short Film festival and made into the final round of the international competition.


The phone shot small, low resolution videos that would get pixelated with much movement, so I came up with this approach to try to maximize the size and quality. I duct-taped a little styrofoam cradle to my tripod to hold the camera for a series of locked-off shots and paraded my dear friend Erin Johnson around the city in outfits that were mismatched with the surroundings. I then used After Effects to create the filmstrip effect, stitching the videos together.

Actor : Erin Johnson
Created For : 2004 Interfilm Berlin Siemens MicroMovie Competition