2020, Short Film

An imaginative take on the origin story of one of Canada’s most iconic Haida artists.

It’s been over 20 years since the work of Bill Reid has been explored on film. Featuring playful visual effects and pristine new footage of Reid’s jewellery and sculptures, this short illuminates the artist’s creative journey and coincides with his 100th birthday. Featuring the voices of Reid’s granddaughter, Nika Collison, his last apprentice, artist Gwaai Edenshaw, Haida elder Harvey Williams, and Reid himself.

This short can be seen at the The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art
, and airing on Knowledge Network starting Summer 2021.

Made with the participation of:

The Bill Reid Foundation

The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

Museum of Anthropology at UBC

Vancouver Art Gallery

The Bill Reid Centre at SFU

CBC Archives

Shawn Edenshaw

Co-Director: Patrick Shannon
Chad Galloway & 
Patrick Shannon
Music & Sound Design Mark Lazeski
Lighting: Chad Galloway
Camera & Lighting Assistant:
Laurel K. Brown
Timelapse Photography: Bun Lee
Colourist: Chris Boettcher
Sound Mix Engineer: Chris McLaren
John Bolton, Opus 59 Films
Produced in Association with:
Knowledge Network
Executive Producer: Rudy Buttignol
Associate Producers:
Gillian Hrankowski
Erica Landrock
Patrice Ramsey