2017 – Animated Motion Comic Short

Amplify HER is a feature-length documentary, a graphic novel, and a motion comic series that all revolve around the lived experiences of female DJs and electronic music producers, and ask the question “what is unique about feminine expression and how do we all benefit when it flourishes?”

I had the opportunity to animate one of the Motion Comic series chapters; a 6-minute short called Above the Noise, featuring the artist A Hundred Drums, and based on the comic illustrations of Lindsay Ishihiro. You can watch it online here, and the Behind the Scenes film gives an awesome overview of this very special project.

Gabrielle’s a girl who knows what she wants. That’s why when she starts seeing Sid, a hit music producer, his ‘plans’ for her just don’t sit right. Eventually, the pair go their separate ways and Gabby assumes all is well. That’s until a friend alerts her to a nasty post Sid wrote online, hurting her career and reputation.

Each of the chapters in Amplify HER explores transformational moments which are based on real experiences. Topics covered include illness, cyberbullying, sexual conformity, emotional vulnerability and self-image.

Each of the 6 chapters were written, illustrated, animated and scored by teams of female creators from across North America – a unique, collaborative creative experience that kicked off with a 4-day retreat on Galiano Island. In our story teams, we broke down common tropes, envisioned archetypal heroines and did the fascinating work of turning real life stories into fantasy allegories that worked in the comic genre. This alchemical production process, envisioned by series director Nicole Sorochan and the Amplify HER project team, supported the creators with story mentorship, guided creative process and brought the stories into embodied dimensions with costumed photo shoots.

Making Of the Graphic Novel project:

Motion Comic Series Director:
Nicole Sorochan
Graphic Novel by: Lindsay Ishihiro
Starring: A Hundred Drums
Story by: Gabrielle Watson, Lindsay Ishihiro, Jenn Strom
Music by: A Hundred Drums
Sound Design: David Parfit
Produced by: Erin Skillen
Story Editor: Annie Nocenti
Behind The Scenes videos by: Cassie O’Neil