2014, Short “Behind the Scenes” Doc

This short documentary follows the creative process behind an innovative collaboration.

Amber Funk Barton is the artistic director of the contemporary dance company the response, which is mounting her apocalyptic, full length work, The Art of Stealing.

Lululemon lab is an experimental design incubator for the athletic wear company. In their second community-driven design project, the lab team takes on designing costumes for the show.

Using their technical knowledge of athletic wear, their challenge is to keep the dancers comfortable, while creating costumes that bring Amber’s dystopic vision to life and also work as a capsule collection they can sell in their retail store.

Because the entire design process happens at the lab, it was possible to follow the costume process from sketch to final product. Thanks to Jean Okada and the team at the lab, as well as Amber and her dancers for letting me into their worlds.

lululemon lab costume design process

Interview Cinematography:
Chad Galloway
Fashion Cinematography:
Mike Mckinlay
Sound Post: Chris McLaren
the response.
Amber Funk Barton, Heather Laura Gray, Maiko Miyauchi, Manuel Sorge, Kevin Tookey, Lexi Vajda
lululemon lab
Jean Okada, Emily Spence, Erika Rekis, Thuy Vu, Sze-er Huang, Jamie Shea, Neil McMillan, Leona Deng, Karen Lu, Richard Li, Micheal Mai, Lily Wong. Fit Models: Matt Cavelti, Keighty Gallagher