2017, Short Documentary

It was a pleasure to work with director Kryshan Randel on the quick-turnaround challenge to edit a behind-the-scenes video for the 2017 Crazy 8’s film event. This year there were an incredible 217 scripts pitched, which were juried down to 6 winning teams who then had 8 days and $800 to make their films, with a gala screening at the end. Kyrshan has been capturing the madness of Crazy 8s since the event started, and maintains a glowing enthusiasm for the job. While these Gala screening opening films are often energetic and comedic, this year’s teams were a showcase of cultural and thematic diversity, and we decided to try a more soulful approach into what these ambitious dreamers were up to.

This project made me so proud of our film community – to see diversity of every kind on set, people treating each other like family, volunteering and pouring their creativity and skill into helping these directors realize their visions. The films are all very different, all very good, full of heart, magic and messages that are deeply needed in today’s world. Keep an eye out for them on the festival circuits!

Director: Kryshan Randel
Cinematography: Jason Pope and EPK crews
Composer: Ben Elliott
Executive Producer: Paul Armstrong