2010, Television Ad

This television PSA was commissioned by the BC Lung Association to launch an awareness campaign about the risks of radon gas exposure in the home.
To keep people engaged, the ad balances the serious topic with humour and charm, while playing on the troubling idea of an invisible health risk in the family home. I was fortunate to work with the very talented animator Ben Meinhardt whose amusing character design and animation hit the perfect notes to make the piece work.

The PSA was picked up by The Lung Association to air across Canada, and we produced an additional French version for the national campaign. The artwork we developed has been central to their radon campaigns for several years.

BC Lung Association website

Character Animation: Ben Meinhardt
Music: Gordon Cobb
Sound Engineer:
Chris McLaren, Sound Kitchen
Voice Actor: Gillian Hurtig
Katrina Van Bylandt BC Lung Association