2019, Feature Length Documentary

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Outside magazine

“Stuffed is as rich in visual splendor as it is in insight and information about this long-misunderstood art form.”
The Playlist

“Effectively blowing the dust off those natural history museum dioramas, Erin Derham’s “Stuffed” takes a lively look at contemporary taxidermy in a documentary that’s as fascinating as it is freaky.”
Los Angeles Times

“Stuffed is an invaluable resource. That it is very well made, featuring stunning shots of the models and truly engrossing makes all the better.”
Film Threat

“Stuffed” is a documentary feature film about the surprising world of taxidermy. Told through the eyes & hands of acclaimed artists across the world, the film explores this diverse subculture where sculptors must also be scientists, seeing life where others only see death. From an all-female studio in Los Angeles to fine artists in the Netherlands, these passionate experts push creative boundaries. The film highlights a diversity of perspectives including an anatomical sculptor in South Africa & a big game taxidermist in Ohio. And, in an unexpected twist, “Stuffed” reveals the importance of preserving nature, using taxidermy as its unlikely vehicle, and the taxidermist as its wild driver.

We were honoured to have “Stuffed” make its world premiere as one of ten international films selected for the SXSW 2019 documentary competition.

Director: Erin Derham
Producers: Kaleena Kiff, Galen Fletcher, Erin Derham
Cinematography: Jan Balster
Composer: Ben Lovett
Sound Design: Kirby Jinnah
Executive Producers: Rachel Price, Holly Brydson, Alexander Behse
Principal Cast: Allis Markham, Jaap Sinke, Ferry Van Tongeren, Travis De Villiers, Daniel Meng, Wendy Christensen, George Dante, Ken Walker, Tim Bovard, Jay Kirk
Trailer by: Erin Derham