2014, Experimental short and video installation

A lookbook is a collection of images compiled to show off a model, photographer, or clothing line in the fashion industry.

Amber Funk Barton came up with the idea to make this atmospheric film to capture the costumes and characters for her apocalyptic contemporary dance piece The Art of Stealing. The costumes were designed by lululemon lab, and you can see my short doc about the design process here.

p_ambermike We shot this video low-budget guerilla-style, in various neglected East Van locations, at times in the pouring rain. The renegade cinematic talents of DOP Mike McKinley included skateboard-propelled tracking shots in alleys, a hand-made dolly employed in a garbage pile under a bridge, and clambering around on train tracks wearing a steady-rig. In other words, he is amazing. Check out Amber’s behind-the-scenes post on her blog. Photo by Chris Barton

In addition to sharing the film to promote The Art of Stealing on social media, I used the footage to create a 2-channel video installation for the lab’s storefront windows on Cambie and Broadway. The window design was a collaborative process with the lab team, and the installation stayed up for just over a month.


Co-Director & Choreographer:
Amber Funk Barton
Cinematography: Mike Mckinlay
Camera Assistance: Daniel Jeffrey
Sound Design: Marc Stewart
Amber Funk Barton, Heather Laura Gray, Maiko Miyauchi, Kevin Tookey
Costumes: lululemon lab