2013, Short Documentary Series

Did you know that in the 1950’s Vancouver glowed with neon?

The Visible City is an interactive exploration of neon in Vancouver, past and present.
Full of stories and gorgeous photography, this media-rich educational site illuminates the history of both the neon signs and the city around them. It was produced by the Museum of Vancouver with Switch United for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

I love neon and I love Vancouver so this project was pretty thrilling to work on. I edited two short doc series tracing the rise, fall and rebirth of neon on Granville and Hastings streets. You can watch them condensed below, and see the city grow from the 20’s to present day.

Step back to the time when Granville was a boulevard of theatres, awash in colour.

Watch as Hastings Street blooms and transforms around an iconic letter in the sky.

I also really enjoyed editing many short audio stories by Vancouver residents, about specific signs and their busineses. For example, hear about the fried oolichan and the late night dancing on tables at the White Lunch Cafe on Granville Street in the 60’s.

Hear Stories about Neon signs

Director / Co-curator: Kevin Teichroeb
Writer: Jackie Wong
Chad Galloway, Naim Sutherland
Narrator: Charles Demers
Title Design: Greg Durrell
Sound Design: Jeremy Therrien
Sound Recording:
Sound Kitchen Studios
Paul Airey, Dal Richards Band, John Korsrud, Latché Swing, Seth Lyon, Mark Neil, David Picking, The Schmorgs
Curator / Producer:
Hanna Cho, Museum of Vancouver
Photo & Interactive Credits: view